Translation and interpretation (animal health)

Translation in the animal health field

  • Subject matter such as veterinary drugs, vaccines, feed additives, and regulatory issues
  • Application for manufacturing and sales approval (as MAH) for products such as veterinary drugs and other regulatory materials
  • Marketing plans
  • Promotional tools and manuals
  • Scientific materials, technical documentation, and product-related documents
  • Scientific papers (creation of papers for submission to journals, abstracts, and posters for presentations to scientific societies and lectures)
  • Contracts related to product development and sales
  • Safety data sheet (SDS)

Interpretation at animal health events

  • Interpretation support provided by highly experienced staff and experts
  • International conferences, seminars, and symposiums in the field of veterinary science
  • New product launch seminars and press conferences
  • Internal meetings and conventions
  • Business discussions, negotiations, and contracts
  • Training
  • Attendance at inspections such as plant audit

Assignment of interpreters

  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • Interpretation services for English and other languages