Customer service (call center services)

Call centers as a marketing tool

  • Operation of consultation phone numbers on behalf of animal health companies
  • Services for companion animal products (for dog and cat clinics, owners)
  • Development of operational framework and assignment of staff
  • Customer service (establishment and operation of consultation phone numbers)
  • Promotion of inbound service

High-quality call center services

  • Use of qualified experts as operators (veterinarians and veterinary technicians with clinical experience)
  • High-level and qualified phone service staff (Level 3 or higher on the NTT “Moshimoshi Kentei”)
  • Excellent communication skills characterized by familiarity with the industry
  • Creation of, and instruction on how to follow, client-specific SOPs
  • Maintenance and improvement of high quality through speed and accuracy

High-value-added call center operation

  • Broad range of services (answering calls, entering data into customers’ systems, accommodating caller requests, issuing regular reports to manufacturers, incorporating relevant information into FAQs, etc.)
  • Primary response for product quality complaint
  • Primary response for adverse events
  • Creation of information-transmission and promotional scripts
  • High cost-effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)