Medicine, veterinary science, and pharmaceutical science

The most remarkable aspect of our approach to translation in the medical domain is the large number of full-time translators we employ with expertise stemming from practical experience in the field. Translators with extensive knowledge in fields such as medicine, veterinary science, and pharmaceutical science deliver consistently high-quality translations that track the latest knowledge, earning high praise from customers.

Thorough checking and proofing

Physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, and full-time checkers take a thorough approach to quality control. In particular, translations related to product development and the licensing- in and out of technology are subject to final review by team members who have experience in research and development at major pharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas.

Fields and track record

Development, manufacturing, and regulatory issues

Registration and application materials; supporting documentation
Summaries of pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, and agricultural chemicals, etc.
Physical and chemical testing
Testing related to stability, toxicity, special toxicity, safety, pharmacology, absorption, residual characteristics, clinical characteristics, performance, etc.
Quality control- and quality assurance-related documents for ISO and other standards
Documentation for submission to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Manufacturing and sales manuals, etc.
*Regulatory agencies to which translations are submitted: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; U.S. Food and Drug Administration; European Medicines Agency


Product technical materials and related documentation, etc.
Manuals and promotional tools
Catalogs, pamphlets, presentation slides, internal and external educational materials, etc.
Market research, letters, meeting minutes, etc.
Contracts and agreements related to development and sales

Scientific papers

Drafts for submission to journals, papers for use in presentations to scientific societies, lectures, abstracts
Medical criticism, etc.

Other services

English document proofing (by native speakers)
Native speakers of English proof customers’ English-language documents to ensure they utilize natural language (with particular focus on grammar and style). We also offer this service for languages other than English.
English document proofing (cross-checking)
Staff compare customers’ English-language documents to the Japanese originals to ensure that the translation accurately communicates the intended meaning.
Audio transcripts
We create written transcripts of recorded audio from lectures, scientific society meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and other events. We also provide this service for highly specialized content.