Ever since the invention of writing, humankind has used the written word to share information and communicate. Now that we have entered the 21st century, communication on the global scale is becoming even more important in the face of accelerating globalization that combines information technology and media.

At Alvis Inc., we see our role as offering support for customers’ activities in Japan and overseas from the perspective of communication and providing better information from around the world and disseminating information from Japan to the world as global communicators who are proficient in the languages of the world. This role goes beyond providing highly specialized industrial translation and interpretation services in various fields to include consultation offered in collaboration with overseas experts and a global network in the field of animal health, reflecting our overriding goal of supporting customers as a team of communication professionals.

The name Alvis comes from the ancient Norwegian word for wisdom. Taking advantage of the remarkable wisdom that allowed humankind to invent writing and building on the five keywords that are encompassed by the name Alvis, we will continue to pursue a broad range of activities as global communicators to help ensure the success of our customers.


Fumiko Fuku
President and CEO