IT, communications, and security

We offer IT translation in a variety of fields, ranging from documents designed for use by end-users such as user manuals for game consoles, computers, and smartphones to advanced technical documentation such as software specifications and network specifications. Our staff of highly knowledgeable translators works to offer fine-grained service, for example by using translation memory, term lists, and other resources to ensure consistent use of technical terminology.

Documents designed for use by consumers

  • Notebook computer user manuals
  • User manuals for smartphones and mobile phones
  • Game console manuals
  • Video game software
  • Software setup guides
  • Language for use in smartphone and mobile phone user interfaces
  • User interface messages for satellite navigation systems
  • Messages for use by network printers at convenience stores
  • Stock trading tools and online help

Technical documents

  • Android technical documentation
  • Software requirements
  • Software design guidelines
  • Software functional specifications
  • Network functional specifications
  • Security system specifications
  • Maintenance and operational manuals
  • Database system manuals
  • Image processing software user manuals
  • Touch panel specifications
  • Quality management system manuals

Advertising and other

  • Electric Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)
  • Training materials for employees of communications equipment manufacturers
  • Educational materials for network users
  • Security educational and training tools
  • Privacy policies
  • Promotional materials for smartphones and mobile phones (catalogs, pamphlets, and leaflets)
  • Catalogs, advertisements, and pamphlets for computer peripherals
  • Promotional materials for video games
  • Articles about interviews with creators of video games