We help customers communicate information accurately to audiences in Japan and overseas by translating manuals, catalogs, specifications, work procedures, and other documents related to industrial machinery in a broad range of fields, including factory automation and machine tools that underpin manufacturing as well as air-conditioning equipment that helps maintain a comfortable living environment, copiers, and multifunction printers. Our staff of highly knowledgeable translators works to offer fine-grained service, for example by using translation memory, term lists, and other resources to ensure consistent use of technical terminology.

Factory automation equipment

  • Safety switches and contactless safety switches
  • Displacement, pressure, and other sensors
  • PLCs and related products
  • Operating manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Product catalogs
  • Product specifications
  • Documentation of example installations
  • Training materials for engineers
  • Sales manuals, etc.

Air-conditioning equipment

  • Information about air conditioners, refrigeration equipment, air purifiers, and related products
  • User manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Functional specifications
  • Maintenance equipment manuals
  • Training materials for engineers
  • Marketing materials, etc.

Multifunction printers and printers

  • Installation procedures
  • User manuals
  • Quick guides
  • Service manuals
  • Help screen menus and error messages
  • Embedded videos for troubleshooting purposes
  • MIB specifications

Machine tools

  • Manufacturing line robots
  • Sensors and related products
  • User manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Programming manuals
  • Specifications

Other industrial machinery

  • Sequencers
  • Inverters
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Fans
  • Processed food manufacturing machinery
  • Failure diagnostic equipment, etc.