Since the founding of Alvis, we have focused a significant amount of attention on the translation of documents such as owner’s manuals in the automotive field. As automotive technologies have evolved, the areas of content in which translation is necessary have branched out to include electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring expertise from the last 30 years to bear in new technological fields and welcome your inquiry.


  • Owner’s manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Dealer manuals
  • Vehicle intake, repair, and delivery procedures
  • Dealer training manuals
  • Distributor training manuals
  • Customer service documents
  • Manuals detailing technical competitions
  • Service management and operational manuals
  • Manuals detailing part acceptance inspection procedures
  • Manuals detailing venue operations for motor shows

Technical documentation

  • Documentation describing hybrid technology
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) technical documentation
  • Electric vehicle (EV) technical documentation
  • Marketing materials describing new vehicle technologies
  • Caution plates
  • Continuous variable transmission (CVT) technical documentation
  • Lamp technical documentation
  • Engine technical documentation
  • Engine control unit documentation
  • Motor testing reports and technical documentation
  • Vibration test reports
  • Durability test reports
  • Noise test evaluation reports
  • Documentation describing the development of safety technologies
  • Part lists
  • Tire-related documentation
  • Plant equipment
  • Quality control and improvement documentation
  • Maintenance technology tests
  • Failure diagnostic manuals
  • Documentation related to failure mode effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Plant work procedures
  • Quality control rules
  • Shipment inspection requirements
  • Acceptance inspection requirements


  • Catalogs
  • Promotional pamphlets and leaflets
  • Test drive information

Legal and financial

  • Minutes of patent licensing negotiations
  • Technology licensing agreements
  • Basic transaction contracts
  • Technical partnership agreements
  • Annual reports
  • Business reports
  • Medium-term business plans
  • Financial reports
  • Materials used at general shareholder meetings
  • Financial results briefings
  • IR materials
  • Fact books
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) materials


  • Press releases
  • Drafts of speeches to be given at maintenance competitions
  • Reports of evaluations of contractors
  • Presentation materials about global strategy
  • Rules on logo use
  • Presentation materials for new vehicle announcements
  • Motor sports materials